2023 Edition – SSC Renovation

Due to the SSC renovations this year, it is not possible to organize a Van Lint Week the same way we usually do. Therefore, we had to make some changes to the rules this year.

Limited capacity

With fewer facilities available, we’ve made some changes to make sure there is enough space for every participant to compete, shower and have a beer. This means that there is a limited number of people that can be present for each time slot. Therefore we are implementing the following rules:

  • Every participant must have a valid sports card. You have to scan the card upon entering the SSC!
  • You can only watch other matches in the timeslot that you’re competing in.
  • All finales will be played on the day itself. This means extra space on Thursday for more sports!
  • You are asked to only sign up for one timeslot per evening. If after two weeks there are still spots left, you can sign up for a second time slot!


  • The Pop Up Café can be used to get a drink in between matches. You can consume your canned drink in the Café or on the stands of Hall 1. You are not allowed to take your drink into the halls!
  • During the evenings the Sports Pavilion is open for those not currently participating in sports, and there will be other activities available at the pavilion.
  • After the sports the Pavilion is also open for the afterparty!
  • On Thursday, we will have a grand party at a different location which will be announced later. 😀